Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Are you looking for a replacement Ceiling Fan Remote Control for you fan? There is nothing more irritating than when the remote stopped working or is lost in your home. You might be looking for a ceiling fan remote due to the following reasons:

  1. The ceiling fan remote control is lost and you need a new one
  2. Your ceiling fan remote control is not working properly, and you have done the troubleshooting and not been able to diagnose or fix the issue.

If the troubleshooting step is missed, we prefer that you should try it first. As it will be more frustrating to order a new remote, and you come to know that while programming the new unit, the old one just required a dip switch setting changed (or any simple fix).

It is wise to spend a few minutes troubleshooting your current remote to find out if there is an issue with the remote, and not with anything else such as the fan’s receiver. If you have an issue with the fan, a new remote will not fix the problem so the best bet is to do the troubleshooting.

Having said that, the most popular brands of ceiling fan remotes that one can opt for include:

  • Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Remote Controls
  • Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls
  • Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Controls
  • Kichler Ceiling Fan Remote Controls
  • Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Compatible Ceiling Fan Universal Remote Controls

It is a Universal ceiling fan remote named as Breeze Bay. You might be thinking that it is Harbor Breeze remote but it is not. It is not from the main manufacturer.

Here are some universal ceiling fan remotes. You should consider buying a universal ceiling fan remote that is compatible with your manufacturer. Also, be careful and know about its imitations. For instance, if you try to find a remote online and you come across “Breeze Bay universal remote control” this is a copy and not a real Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote.

So, you have to be extra careful regarding its imitations. Do not go for third-party brands, consider purchasing the first party, for instance, you should get a Hunter universal remote control for your Hunter ceiling fan.

This unit is a little bit costly. At the time of writing the remote control is in the stock and the price can change as per market conditions. It has a lithium-ion battery, that is the reason which can cause the remote to be pricey. You will not consider changing the batteries in this remote with alkaline AA or AAA or rechargeable ones. The lithium ion battery is responsible for the high price tag.

Harbor Breeze Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control This remote of harbor breeze comes with a range of up to 20’. It has multiple features such as HomeShield. It is a security precaution, it will switch off the lights when you will not be there to save energy costs. The remote also contains “SmartSync,” which means programming is not required and interference is eliminated. Batteries come with the remote package.