4 Ways To Solve Harmony Remote Not Switching Inputs

Harmony Remote Not Switching Inputs

This universal remote might seem to be costly but the accessibility and all the features justify its price. If you are using a number of smart home devices in your home, then Harmony remote will help you to control all of them through a single unit. So, if you have a good budget to spend, and looking for a smart way to handle your smart system installed in your house, then Harmony remote is the ideal option for you.

Having said that, we have received some reports on Harmony remote not switching inputs. If you are facing the same issue and the Harmony remote is not giving the desired performance then the solutions given below will help you.

Methods To Fix Harmony Remote Not Switching Inputs 

  1. Check Commands

Most of the time, the problem with the Harmony remote can occur due to incorrect or improper commands on the unit. So, there is a high chance you are dealing with the same issue. You need to access the command configurations on your desktop software and assign the commands again whether it is single or multiple. This will help with the Harmony remote syncing in terms of inputs.

You can also use different common commands to change input on the remote. so, try to use next input or input next options and if you are using single command setup, your Harmony remote should switch the input. Usually, the issue gets fixed at this stage, and you won’t have to follow more steps.

  • Checking Model

Some users reported that they were struggling with the problems due to the wrong unit model in the device configurations. So, even if you are using the perfect commands on your system, you are likely to experience these problems if the device’s model is not managed properly on the remote settings.

This issue is usually faced by the users who have older units. If you own an old TV then you are likely to deal with the model due to the compatibility problems. In this case, moving to a newer model will fix the issue, but you can always contact the customer service to get related to compatibility issues. This will prevent you from wasting time to find the problem with your Harmony remote.

  • Adjust Delay

Adjusting delay on your remote is another way to deal with the problems with your Harmony remote not switching inputs. Some of the users also think that decreasing the delay will provide more performance to the users, it can cause a lot of problems when try to use commands. So, if you have reduced the delay on your Harmony remote, then there is a high chance that is the reason you are experiencing the issues with switching inputs.

To get a solution of this issue, you need to go through the device configurations and increase the delay. An increase of 5-10 seconds in the delay will be good to solve these inputs problems. However, there have been a few users who reported that they were able to manage the issue by boosting the margin of 20 seconds. So, you should consider the same solution and the issue with your unit will be resolved.

  • Change Sequence

The sequence of commands on your system is another point that can contribute to the issue related to switching input. So, if none of the above fixes are resolving the problem, then altering the sequence might be the ideal thing you can do to fix it. Your task is to randomize the execution of the command sequence and it should be sufficient to deal with this condition.

Having said that, you can directly call the professional support number to get help with the issue. These experts will not only save your time but also help you with the troubleshooting process. So, if you are not able to get through with switching inputs even after changing the sequence, this is the last resort to contact these experts. They will also assist you to determine the culprit behind it, and you will deal with the issue within no time. This information will prove to be useful in order to fix your universal remote.

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