7 Expert Tips To Fix Somfy Remote Not Working Explained

somfy remote not working

Somfy has smart motors that can help you automate your blinds, garage doors, entrance doors and so on. They added a lot of convenience for their customers.

They also boost security that allows you to check the status of your doors from wherever you want. Their items can be costly sometimes. But the price is worth it when you consider all the features they offer.

Some users have faced some problems and reported that Somfy remote not working. Here are some solutions that you can use to try to fix the issue.

How to Fix Somfy Remote Not Working?

  • Replace old Batteries

If you have been using a Somfy remote for a while and remote is causing some issues such as remote not turning on, it indicates that the battery cell has expired.

With the passage of time, the batteries get drained and weaker, so it is not surprising that the batteries get weaker after using them continuously. The good part is the battery replacement is not very costly, and it is easily available at Amazon. The battery type you will need is a 3V lithium battery cell.

Once you have got the replacement, just remove the back cover and change the old battery with a new one. In some cases, you may have to unscrew a screw on the backplate first in order to access the battery compartment.

  • Reset Motor

If you are confident that the remote is getting power, but you are not able to control your blinds, then there is a great chance the remote is not synced with the motor, and it needs to be reset.

To reset it, you need to simply start and remove the power flow for a few seconds and after that, pair the motor with the remote.

To be more specific, begin with getting power flow through the remote. Then stop power for around 2 seconds and plug in the motor again for ten seconds.

You have to repeat the procedure after 10 seconds for one more time, and you will see that your blinds have started moving. Once they stop, you need to press and hold the button available on the backside of the remote unless the blinds move two times.

After pairing the remote with Somfy motor, you need to put the remote in the user mode and set the max and min limits. After done with the configurations, save the settings and your remote will start working with the Somfy motor.

  • Power Cycle The Unit

Power cycling the unit may seem to be a basic solution, but it can fix the minor issues with the programming. So, if you need to fix this issue on the device, just turn off the power for around 30 seconds and then repower it.

Now, you can test the features on the remote one more time. If the device does not have any hardware issue, you will get a consistent response.

From there, you need to have a look at the compatibility of the battery. It is not always a good idea to get a new battery, and the only thing you need to ensure is to check whether the battery is working with your unit.

  • Check For Hardware Problems

There are some chances that there is a problem with the hardware. You can carefully check the unit for defects to find out the errors. To check all the sections, you need some time. If the hardware is defective, ensure to claim a warranty.

It should have a warranty that is valid for the first 12 months. So, if it has not been a long time since you buy it, just claim your warranty. If you have a valid claim, it will not be too hard to get a replacement.

So, you need to contact the dealer and you will get a fresh piece.

  • Ensure there Are No Interferences

Thick walls or weak signals might cause the interference. If you are out of range, the Somfy system won’t respond to remote. So, to fix the fault, you need to go closer to the unit.

At least, you should be within the 10 ft range, and there should be no thick walls between you and the system. It should be good enough to solve this issue and boost the connection with the device. After that, it will not be difficult to get a response from the Somfy motor.

  • Let The Device Cooldown if heated up

If you are a resident of an extreme climate, the ideal thing you should do is let the device cool down. So, if the unit is in use too much, it might have heated up the motor. You can also protect your unit from direct sunlight with the help of some insulation.

It is not the best course of action to install it in direct sunlight. So, you need to remember it when installing the unit in your home. You should always consider a better place for the motor.

Otherwise, you will not receive any movement even if you command from your remote.

  • Somfy Support

If none of the above methods work for you and your remote is still not working, then you should consider contacting Somfy support team to get help.

To get support, visit the Somfy website and click support, after that, open a support ticket and send them email telling all the details related to your problem. After doing so, you need to wait for their response. Just follow the instructions to deal with the issue, and you will be good to go.

How is Somfy Compared To Lutron?

When it comes to a comparison between Lutron and Somfy, you will find the price different immediately. The Lutron system is very costly for most home owners. However, the price point offers more consistent options along with better scheduling features.

In addition, owners can perform the automated routines to help along the daily cycles. So, if you prefer quality, the Lutron system is always the ideal choice. However, if you have a low budget, Somfy is recommended for you.

The brand is quite popular due to its affordable price tag. However, it is far away from Lutron. So, it all depends on the money you want to spend on the new motor for your blinds.

If you have enough budget, consider Lutron as the only option. Otherwise, you are left with the basic features available in Somfy system.

Do I have Any Other Options?

When you go through the list of these brands, you will come to know about a new brand that is Elero. It is not popular but their motors are quite a good fit. You will get additional features when you do a comparison of these options with older models of Somfy.

However, the reviews on the dealer support are not very good. So, if you face any problems with the motor, you have to deal with it. The dealer won’t help you to get a new unit, and going through the warranty process is very irritating.


Somfy might not be the best option in the market, but you can still troubleshoot the problems with the remote. Your aim should be to limit interferences and ensure the power supply to the unit.

Additionally, it will be wise to reset the remote to its factory settings. The reprogramming will take some time, but you do not have more options. However, if the problem is related to hardware, you need to get a replacement.

You cannot use a damaged unit as it will waste your time.

If you are not satisfied with Somfy unit, then have a look at other options such as Lutron that offers consistent performance. You will have to spend extra cash on Lutron, but this extra money will provide additional smart features.

Until now, owners have been praising the Lutron’s performance. So, if you have not made up your mind to choose a brand, Lutron is an ideal choice. The whole process depends on the budget you are going to spend on the motor.

Having said that, brands including Elero have also introduced some efficient machines in the market at reasonable prices. So, you can also have a look at their portfolio in order to get the best option for your smart home. You can also get help from a dealer to help with the decision.

After reading this, you won’t have to be stressed when it comes to dealing with these issues.

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