3 Ways To Control Sonos Remotely

If you have a Sonos sound system, you might be wondering whether a universal remote can be used to control the device or not. Sonos has already managed to give us a solution to this issue to provide us relief.

If you are using a Sonos system but want to avoid the app adjusting the volume every time, there is still a method that can be used to make it happen. The Sonos sound bar is compatible with a universal remote so it can be used to manage the device. Additionally, it can also work with different types of TV remotes.

The Sonos app for your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is available for download. After doing so, the setup will be quick and easy.

How To Control Sonos With a Remote?

The Sonos sound bar may work with almost every universal remote and TV remote. This makes the usage easier.

Use HDMI ARC to connect your Sonos sound bar to your TV and it can be done by only enabling CEC on your TV to work. You have to follow these steps to control your Sonos sound bar with a remote:

1. Use the Sound Bar’s Remote Control

If you want to use a universal remote in order to operate your Sonos sound bar, you will get a few options. You need to follow the given instructions for setup in the Sonos app. Secondly, you might have to follow the volume control that the HDMI CEC port of your device gives. In any case, controlling your Sonos sound bar and other appliances in your home should only need a single remote. if you want to use the option 1, keep in mind that not all the remote control will be compatible with the Sonos system.

To perform the setup quickly, the first thing is to ensure that your device has an IR receiver. In addition, a new configuration is necessary for the remote to work. You will be able to set up the Sonos app easily if you know that your remote control is designed with infrared IR technology. If your remote is not using it, you still have options which we will share in the coming section.

2. Remote Control for Your Sonos Soundbar

You can connect your Sonos soundbar to an IR universal remote with ease and it can be done within a few minutes. Here are the steps on how to do the job in less than a minute:

  • Go to the app store from your mobile device in order to get the Sonos app and download it.
  • Search for the settings tab and you can find it.
  • Find out the location of the room in which you have installed your Sonos sound bar.
  • Put the remote control into the Television.
  • After finding it, select the “Remote Control Setup” button using your mouse.
  • When you reach this point, the next thing you need to follow the instructions provided within the program.
  • Use the remote to change the volume that was just connected.

3. Enabling HDMI-CEC

If your TV has HDMI-CEC function, you can configure your Sonos to control the commands sent from your TV’s remote control. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to complete the procedure:

  • Switch on the TV and the Sonos speakers.
  • Find the CEC setting on your TV’s settings menu to turn it on.
  • To find out, if it is working or not, try to adjust the volume on your TV from the remote control.

If you are following the given steps above, it will help you to control your Sonos Soundbar no matter where you are. You can listen to music whenever you want due to the ability of Sonos system to connect wirelessly, which makes it more flexible.

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