4 Ways to Fix Daybetter LED Lights Remote Not Working

Daybetter LED Lights Remote Not Working

If your remote control suddenly stops working or there is an issue with your lights that is causing them to flicker without any visible reason, you may have to reset the controller and connect it again to the receiver. This is also essential when your lights start flickering for no apparent cause. It is an ideal step if you face one of these situations.

There a lot of reasons that can cause the remote to separate itself from the receiver, some of them are radio interference from an external source, an insecure connection or a remote battery is not charged.

If you are facing the same issue, you can reset and repair it by following the below guide that we have provided in this article below:

Daybetter LED Lights Remote Not Working

Step By Step Instructions: How To Make LED Lights Remote Work

It is necessary to see the indicator light that is available at the top of the gadget glow up whenever you use the remote. when it does not light up, the issue is more likely with the battery that is installed inside your remote. If this is the reason, you will have to replace it with a brand-new CR2025 battery.

  1. Stop Receiving Electricity from the Source

It is suggested that the cable for the light and the LED lights should be unplugged from their power sources.

  • To change the battery in the remote, the first step you must do is to remove the old one and then use a brand new one.
  • If it seems as if the device that is receiving power supply and LED strip both need replacement, do it then.
  • 2. Connect the Source of the Electricity Again

You have to press and hold the “SPEED +” and “SPEED -” buttons from the remote for three seconds to change the speed. If you have completed it in the right way, the light should flash as an indication to let you know that your process is successful.

Now, you should be able to connect the receiver and the remote, and the remote should be able to control the light strip.

  • 3. The remote’s signal is affected by Interference

Radiofrequency waves also called as RF, are the technology used to run all remote controls. As compared to IR (infrared) remote controls, these waves send signals which are often affected by interference from other appliances that also generate waves on the same frequency.

How to Fix It

The possible repair you can do is by exchanging either the battery or the LED controller with a new one.

  • 4. The Remote Chip is faulty

If none of the above repairs work, the issue is either with the remote itself or the chip, they cannot be fixed.

How to Repair It

The only way to fix it is to get a new remote and pair it. luckily, these remotes are available at a reasonable price and are available in different locations. So, it will not be a hard task to get one to meet your requirements.

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