6 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix GE Christmas Tree Remote Not Working

GE Christmas Tree Remote Not Working

GE might be costly when you compare it with other options in the market, but when it comes to dealing with quality and realistic Christmas tree lighting, it is the best brand in the market. Even though the remote does face some issues, but the overall quality along with color intensity from this lighting solution is exceptional. So, when it comes to choosing better quality Christmas lights, then GE is the ideal brand to choose.

A few basic solutions can be used to deal with the GE Christmas Tree remote not working and it can fix the problems. So, if you are dealing with the GE Christmas tree remote not working, try the given solutions to eradicate the problem and fix your remote.

How to Fix GE Christmas Tree Remote Not Working?

  1. Check Battery

The first thing to started with is the battery on the GE tree remote and you need to do it when your unit stopped working. in most cases, the issue is directly or indirectly pointed towards the battery. So, you have to ensure that the battery on your remote is not expired or drained and the installed perfectly.

At times, installing the wrong battery on the remote can also cause these problems. So, you have to check the compatibility of the battery with the remote and try using it to manage your Christmas lights. I hope that a quick replacement with the compatible ones will solve the issue.

  • Clean Terminals by Rubbing Alcohol

Another way to deal with the power issues is by cleaning the terminals with alcohol. All you have to do is to get a cotton swab and use some rubbing alcohol to remove all the debris available at the terminals’ top. This debris has the ability to create power-related problems in the remote. So, if you are confident that the battery is fine, just clean the terminals.

Usually, you should clean the terminals whenever you change the batteries. This will help you to prevent this situation in which the GE Christmas tree remote will stop working.

  • Check Compatibility 

One of the big issues with the remote is that a GE Christmas remote will only work when you get it with a set of lights. this device has a lot of compatibility problems, and a GE remote won’t work if it is without the box. So, if you have any other model of GE Christmas tree remote, that is the reason you are not getting any response.

In order to fix it, the only solution you can use is to get a replacement and also check the compatibility with your smart lights. This will prevent you from dealing with a remote that is not pairing with your receiver.

  • Check Receiver Box

The next problem can be with the receiver box associated with the lights when it comes to finding the reason of the GE remote not working. So, you have to inspect the receiver’s box connections to ensure they are properly secure with the lights. Otherwise, it will not result in any input, the lights will not be responded. That is the cause, you have to secure the receiver box in a proper way to make it safe from any damages.

  • Check if the Lights are defective

It is also common for the lights to become faulty. If you are confident that the receiver box is working fine and the remote have fresh batteries installed, then the last step is to examine the lights if there is any damage done. The only solution to deal with the defective lights is by replacing the strands and then try to connect them with the receiver again. So, you need to examine the lights and check if the strands need replacement (seem damaged) and the lights are not getting power.

  • Contact Technical Support

If the problem with the GE Christmas tree remote not working is not fixed yet, the last step is to contact the technical support by calling them. The professionals from GE technical support will help you to determine the main culprit of your remote. So, it will be wise to get help from an expert if you are not able to fix the remote even trying all the methods we have discussed above to troubleshoot it. hopefully, this article will help you and you will be very confident to dealing with the issues of the remote.

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